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  MRR Product #1 - PLR Profit Formula

Learn The Magic Formula For Making a Fortune, Over and Over Again With Private Label Rights Products, Even if You Have NO Knowledge, NO Skills, and Have NO Idea Where to Start!

At this very moment there is a HUGE number of people with open wallets, and they want to buy what you're selling! 

What is it exactly that all these people are practically waiting in line ? 

Private Label Rights Products. 

If you're a webpreneur looking to launch your business,  the only thing you need to know is:  How to profit, again and again, using private label rights products.



  MRR Product #2 - Clickbank Review Cash Blogs

A Message For People Who Want To Make Money Blogging And Don't Know How To Get Started...

This Video Series Will Take You By The Hand Step By Step Through The Process Of Setting Up And Monetizing Clickbank Review Blogs And Give You All The Information You Need To Start Profiting From Your Blog From Start To Finish...



  MRR Product #3 - Site Flipping Profit Blueprint

Step By Step Video Program Shows You
How To Flip Sites For A Profit No Matter
How Bad The Economy Is!

Insider Secrets To Rapidly Create Profitable Websites That Sell Every Time You List Them And Earn You Way Above What
Joe Six Pack Is Earning For His Websites



  MRR Product #4 - The Master Guide to PLR

Discover The Top Secret Formula For **Enormously** Profitable Product Launches In Any Niches, Even If You Have No Product, List Or Website Today!

The Powerful Formula To Launch Your Products Successfully Every Single Time Is FINALLY Revealed!



  MRR Product #5 - CPA Cash System


Discover The Insider Trade Secrets To Making Thousands Of Dollars Every Single Month With CPA Opportunities!

The following information may be shocking, disturbing and outright offensive to anyone who has struggled to make money online.

Reader discretion is advised.



  MRR Product #6 - Sales Intimidator Software

 Use This Powerful New Software To Literally Force Your Visitors To Buy Your Products, Spend MORE Money,  And Keep Coming Back For More!

Smart Marketers All Over the Web Are Already Discovering How Sales Intimidator Sends More Visitors Scrambling For Their Credit Cards As Fast And As OFTEN As They Possibly Can.



  MRR Product #7 - Salesletter In A Box Software

Write A Million-Dollar Sales Letter In Under 10 Minutes By Simply Filling In The Blanks!

Save Time And Money By Firing Your Copywriter And Start Pumping Out Order Pulling Sales Letters Instantly!

Revolutionary new software "Sales Letter In A Box", allows you to quickly create powerful sales letters and turn ANY site into a 24/7 money-making machine.



  MRR Product #8 - Sale Page Lockdown

Safeguard Your Web Pages From Ruthless Cyber-Thieves Who Are Determined To Rip You Off!

- Just look at some of the many ways thieves could be stealing from you at right this very minute:

- They could be stealing your PayPal download "return link" by simply clicking View, then Page Source

- They could take and use your web page design and graphics by simply clicking File, then Save As

- They could copy pictures, images and other artwork from your page, even those that are copyrighted, and use them elsewhere

- They could harvest email addresses from your page and start spamming them

- And that's plain scary!



  MRR Product #9 - Website Fire

If You've Been Struggling To Create The Content Rich Websites You Need to Succeed In Today’s Ultra-Competitive Internet Marketing, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Read Today!

Discover The Absolute Quickest & Easiest Way to Develop Content Rich Websites!


  MRR Product #10 - Website Sizzler

Discover the Absolute Quickest & Easiest Way to Develop Content Rich Websites!

If You've Been Struggling to Find or Create the Content Rich Websites You Need to Succeed in Today’s Competitive
Internet Marketplace, This is Definitely the Most Important Letter You Will Read Today!



  MRR Product #11 - Internet Marketing Secrets For Newbies

Thousands of People Are Making a Fortune Online And Yet Many People Struggle to Even Earn a Dollar... Why???

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

I will take you through the entire process, from selecting your product to promoting it.



  MRR Product #12 - Build The Perfect Mailing List

Discover How To Quickly And Easily Generate Daily Traffic To Your Site So You Can Attract More Sales, Signups and Profit...

Get More People To Your Site By Using These Tested and Proven Traffic Methods...

You will get more customers than passive subscribers in your mailing list!


  MRR Product #13 - CPA Overdrive

 Follow A Fool Proof "Instant Results" Formula For Making Money With CPA Offers, Even If You Are A Complete Newbie!

No matter how many money making strategies land in your inbox, there is one industry that keeps the cash pumping in, regardless of economy changes or trends. 



  MRR Product #14 - The Sales Letter Creator

Who Else Dread's The Thought Of Trying To Painfully Write Their Own Direct Response Sales Letter?

I hate writing sales letters and building websites too! That's why I created Sales Letter Creator...

It built the very website that you are looking at right now! 




  MRR Product #15 - The Internet Marketer's Guide To: Generating Daily Traffic To Your Website Quickly

Get More People To Your Site By Using These Tested and Proven Traffic Methods...

  • How generate an endless stream of free traffic by simply using this one technique.
  • How to get other people to send traffic to your site by adding this one integration to your site.
  • How to giveaway freebies and still generate traffic for free.
  • Asking your viewers to add this one thing will increase repeat visitors



  MRR Product #16 - CPA Explosion

Not Making Money With PPC Anymore? Explode Your Profit Potential With CPA!

Cost Per Action, or CPA, is a fresh new way to monetize your website. If you are having difficulty making money with your current websites, then it's time to start learning how CPA can work for you.

CPA is an easy and innovative way to capitalize on whatever traffic you are getting, even if it's just a few dozen hits a day.




  MRR Product #17 - Instant Video Creator

Who else wants to instantly add streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees?

Instant Video Creator offers you the ability to add streaming video on your web site without any special skills or having to use expensive equipment.




  MRR Product #18 - Operation Affiliate Cash

Discover How An Average Joe Went From $0 - $5,000.00 A Week Without Ever Having To
Create Or Sell A Product Of His Own!

Follow A Razor Sharp System To Dominating ANY Niche Market And Becoming A Super Affiliate Powerhouse In 7 Days Or Less!




  MRR Product #19 - Slide Up FX

 Discover a New, Breakthrough Way to Increase Your Opt-ins by 5, 10, 25% Watch Your Sales Skyrocket – Without doing any Programming!

It’s unheard of, I know, but it’s really possible with this new product that’s easy to use and installs in seconds 

- No technical skills are required!




  MRR Product #20 - Two Minute Profits

How an Adwords campaign that costs $4.22 makes me $414.76 every month. And how I replicate it in just 2 minutes.

CPC = $0.02, CTR = 64.06%

Total Cost = $4.22, 
Profits = $ 410.54




  MRR Product #21 - WordPress Websites Secrets

 Learn Why So Many Marketers Are Secretly Using Blogs To Create Easy "Make In A Day" Static Websites

You really don't have to keep up with HTML, PHP, CSS and XHTML at all!




  MRR Product #22 - My $900 / Week Super Niche Revealed! Become A Super Affiliate Overnight!

Steal My $900/Week Super Niche and Discover the Marketing Tactics That Can Instantly Transform You From Affiliate Failure Into SUPER Affiliate... 100% Guaranteed!

If You've Never Had Any Success
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  MRR Product #23 - Favicon Generator Service Script

Most professional websites usually have them so having one will not only put your site alongside the pros but also help distinguish you from the rest. 

Why use a favicon?
- Brand Recognition
- Professional Look Feel
- Easy To Setup & Free




  MRR Product #24 - Make More Money With IM Peels!

Have You Ever Seen Those Cool Little Corner "Dog-Ears" Like The One In The Top Right Corner?

Why use Peel Ads? 

If you ask me, peel ads are much less intrusive to your customers than "pop-up" boxes.  

Yes, I know pop-up boxes work, but I simply don't like them.  

You have NEVER seen a pop-up box on a Michelle Brouse site, and you probably never will.  The things bother the heck out of me.

Especially the pop-ups that have no clear way to close the box.  Particularly irritating is when they pop up just as I got started reading on a webpage.  

Couple that with the inability to CLOSE the dang box, and I'm likely to get irritated enough to just click right off the site.  

It doesn't matter how much I'm interested, put a pop up box right in my face that I have no way of closing, and you just lost a customer.

Peel Away Ads are very cool in my opinion.  I like that there is just a little movement up at the top of the page.  (Or even all four corners if you prefer, but I'm not up to that point yet.)  

There is JUST enough "movement" to interest someone, but it's not right in your face like a pop up box.  

Humans are a bit curious by nature, so it causes enough interest to get someone to move their cursor up that way by their OWN choice.  I'm not forcing them!




  MRR Product #25 - Redirection Rocket

Turn Those Long Nasty Affiliate Links Into Powerful, Search Engine Friendly Tracking Links Guaranteed To Increase Your Clickthroughs Up To 300%

In Less Than 10 Minutes You Could Have The "Redirection Rocket" Script On Your Website & Less Than 10 Seconds Later Your Links Will Look Like The Pros!




  MRR Product #26 - Ultimate Exit Pop Up

Why Let Over 95% Of Your Visitors Leave Your Site Without Spending A Single Dime When There Is A Tool That Will Stop Them In Their Tracks AndSuck Them Right Back In? 

What genius decided 5 out of 100 (just 5%) is good enough..




  MRR Product #27 - Video Clip Ministe Builder

Easily Build Unlimited Auto-Updating Niche Video Clip Websites Using YouTube Videos!

Now you can cash in on the video craze by automatically compiling topic (niche) related video websites that people will love!




  MRR Product #28 - Marketing Within YouTube

How to Use Guerrilla Strategies to Market Your Product on YouTube!

What will you learn:

  • 3 Simple Tips To Successful Marketing With YouTube
  • 3 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Video
  • A Top Strategy to Increase Your YouTube Views, plus many more...



  MRR Product #29 - Highly Effective Forum Marketing

 Your marketing efforts through Forums can easily be mistaken for spam.  However, the trick of the trade is to insert your marketing objectives into the Forums strategically.  You may be wondering ‘how in the world can you do that?’ 

In these videos, you will quickly learn:

1. The importance of a proper signature,

2. The sway of the avatar,

3. The ways to word your post for optimum performance . . .

Plus many more revealed in these Super Forum Marketing Video tutorials.




  MRR Product #30 - Web 2.0 Traffic Generator

 Here's An Easy Way To Get Traffic To Your Website Through The Popular Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking Services!

Since the bookmarks are held online, these services also allow people to share their bookmarks with others - and even provide valuable backlinks to the bookmarked sites.

Now with Web 2.0 Traffic Generator, you can harness the power of these services to help boost your website traffic.The software allows you to create a special page on your website aimed at members of the top social bookmark services.




  MRR Product #31 - The Master Guide to PLR

YOU Can Compete with The Big Boys of Niche Site Marketing Using The Exact Tools & Resources Used to Build Their Virtual Real Estate Empires...

Five figure Adsense earners reveal the tools and resources they use to earn a Six Figure Income year after year with Contextual Advertising and Google Adsense...




  MRR Product #32 - The Master Guide to PLR

Attention All Resellers... Grab This Collection Of  8 BRAND NEW Internet  Marketing Scripts With Private Label Rights For Pennies On The Dollar!


I'm not going to waste a lot of your valuable time here trying to persuade you to take advantage of this collection of Resell Rights products. Once you view all of the software titles we've included, I'm confident you will recognize the immense value of this package.

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #33 - CB Affiliate Reward System

 Read On To Learn More About A Brand New System That Motivates Your Affiliates To Make More Sales, Increases Their Earnings And Multiplies Your Profits...

What if there was a way of firing up youraffiliates with energy and enthusiasm?

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #34 - The Clickbank Affiliate Message Set: Starts Your Own Affiliate Home Business Today!

These Message Sets Creates Attentive and Receptive Readers Ready To Click and Buy and Puts Your Marketing On Autopilot.

In Just 5 Minutes* They Are Ready To Generate More Sales For You Automatically!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #35 - Easy Support Desk

Powerful help desk software that organizes and balances your emails and ticket requests.

By providing customer with robust, flexible and scalable helpdesk software that offer an outstanding feature to price ratio, companies can achieve an outstanding ROI and see an increase in staff efficiency/service levels while doing more with fewer resources available.

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #36 - Email Marketing

Discover the Secret Methods of How to Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing!

Step-By-Step Methods Teach YOU How To Research Your Target Market, Create Your Product, Build Your Opt-In Lists And Automate Your Selling Process...

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #37 - Multiple Memberships Site with Affiliate

An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Memberships On Autopilot Create Unlimited Membership Site Areas On One Single Domain!

Multiple Membership has all the features needed to run a Professional Unlimited Memberships with Affiliate Program. You have to see it to believe it!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #38 - Niche Marketing Profits

The Foolproof Method For Creating A Profitable Online Business

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....
· What is niche marketing?

·  Who can use niche marketing?

·  Making niche marketing part of your business? 

·  Using niche marketing to grow your business 

·  Marketing tips using niches 

·  And a lot more!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #39 - Sales Letter For Newbies

How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter - Which Produces a Minimum 2-4% Conversion Rate - And Save Up To $10,000 From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!

If Newbies Like Them Can Instantly Grab A Product And Profit From It, So Can You!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #40 - Video Marketing Profits

 Now YOU Can Grab Your Share of Internet Profits Using the Most Powerful Secrets of Online Video!

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:
- How Video Marketing Works 

- Who uses Video Marketing to promote business? 

- How Does Video Marketing Promotion Work? 

- What Type of Content Is Right To Use? Plus Many More...

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #41 - Viral Toolbar Builder

Discover How to Increase Your Website Traffic & Sales By Taking Advantage of the Very Same Highly Effective Marketing Weapon That Companies Like Google & Yahoo Are Using RIGHT NOW to Drive People Back to Their Websites!

This Program is Your Chance to Keep Your Brand & Marketing Message in Front of Prospects While They Surf the Web!

Bonus: Private Label Rights Included!




  MRR Product #42 - $7 Secrets

 How one man made over $3,000 in just 7 days by selling a 30 page report for $7.

Trying to break into creating your own informational products? Having problems selling the ones you've already created? Need a way to boost your conversion rates AND your profits? Then listen up, because I'm about to show you..




  MRR Product #43 - 20 Hot Niche Header Graphics

Imagine All The Time You Will Save By Having
These Headers Created For You Already....

All Headers are designed for Niche Sites, Wordpress, Blogger Blogs or any other type of site.

You will have Access to
20 PSD & JPG Header Graphics.




  MRR Product #44 - 107 Terms For New Marketers

Finally! A Dictionary Which Shows You All The Popular Internet Marketing 'Jargon' In A Snap...

In this report, I'll reveal to you all the popular "IM lingo" so you'll finally understand terms like PPC, ROI, VPS And 104 Others! There will be no more confusion or feeling like a newbie! Just clear definitions so you can concentrate on learning!




  MRR Product #45 - 350 Sales Tactics Marketing Tactics

Discover 350 Powerful Sales and Marketing Tactics You Can Implement To Your Business Right Now For More Profit...

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this task and generate traffic to your site. 

If you already have a website, try using these tactics laid out in these 7 powerful tips reports.




  MRR Product #46 - How To Create Your Own Video Product

The Simple Guide To Creating Your Own Video Products

Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video Product...and it's broken down into simple terms ANYONE can understand!

Are you ready to learn what marketing experts have known for quite awhile about creating your own video products? It's simple with this step by step guide. 




  MRR Product #47 - Making An Income From Online Video

Making Profits - Turning it up a notch with online videos!

Online videos are amongst the latest Internet marketing tools. Every old or new company is faced with the perennial problem of getting new customers.